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Selfie stuff for mcstronghuge's stuff!~

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WIP of a commission for Jael’li Erisha’an ^ ^b


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ffxivfriends will be having a weekly blog spotlight, and we can nominate a blog for the spotlight through rolanberries's askbox.

I’d also like to ask the community to nominate a blog other than this one, since this blog has half a thousand…


when someone writes something for you


when someone draws something for you


when someone takes time out of their own life to do something to make you happy



quick sketch i might colour later
(god help me i’m playing FFXIV)

Oh man this is gorgeous work!~



Classy cats~

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On the Tumblr XIV Community - Let’s heal it.



I’ve noticed there have been cliques popping up in this community, and if noticed the folks who say they tire of it.

This is good enough reason to say, not everything is black and white. Especially when it comes to honest people. Honest people just want things settled and easily grow tired of any unsaid animosity. Especially when these problems can be easily fixed with a few personal messages being sent out.
With the drama rising, Zeiyth, Ink and I wanted to take a step ahead and settle things that have been said and left unsaid.
This comes with great timing and to show that, once again, not everything is plainly black and white. We all have our own views and even misunderstandings of these views.
I am pleased to say, this rift has ended and we are all now on good terms. It’s all in the past and will stay there, we choose to move on and set an example for the rest of those that think it’s better to just remain a petty person.

People, settle your differences. If you have any problems, send personal messages. Creating witch hunts does nothing but create more chaos.

These two ARE good people, just often had their points misunderstood, as have I. Our issues have been settled, and we will be continuing on to grow to get to know each other, as should the rest of you!

Acceptance is key to helping others learn, and I am happy to say I have these two to talk to now.

I wish for nothing but the best for these two.

I would very much love to see this community step up to mend the rifts and accept the differences. It’s ok to have social circles, but when those circles fight and bicker, it hurts everyone. 

Asha and I had our differences. We’re both headstrong people with strong opinions, and at times in the past we butted heads pretty hard. Still, seeing someone attack her with such childish behavior instantly set me off…and made me realize that nothing was worth keeping that rift in place. The fact of the matter is I detest toxic behavior such as anon hate and taking over someone’s old url to try and belittle them and others. Absolutely no one deserves that.

I went to her and apologized for ever getting so irritated as to argue with her in public, rather than settling our differences in private and with civility. Truth is, she’s easy to talk to when you’re not instantly snapping at her. She listens well and still holds her ground, but is willing to try and understand the way you see things too…so that you can meet in the middle. A very necessary quality in communication. I admire and respect her for helping mend things with both Ink and I. Asha has a good heart and the right intentions with wanting to help mend this community. That much is clear to me.

I also encourage the rest of you to follow suit. There are far worse things in this world to worry about. Be civil, be respectful. Doesn’t mean you have to be the best of friends, but it’s a much nicer community when people can coexist. 

The past is the past and people can change. Give them the chance, and take up that opportunity for yourself. It feels really good. ♥

A lot of you know that I have actually taken to completely avoiding drama in any community any more.  I will not reblog it.  I will not answer it. I will not acknowledge it.  

However, it is safe to say that the XIV tumblr community is in danger of becoming a toxic place, and I am happy to take the first steps with Asha and Zei in making this community a better place.  As it stands I harbor no hard feelings towards anyone and furthermore as I have stated a few times previously in the week, my inbox is ALWAYS open to anyone who may feel the need to contact me privately outside of tumblr.

I will always recognize and accept an apology from someone who is big enough to come to me and admit their wrongs.  If you feel a bridge has been broken with me, and you want to talk about it all I can do is encourage you to come talk to me.  I promise you that I am a patient and understanding individual who will always take time out of my day to better understand someone and help this community grow closer.

Please. If you are ever in need my inbox is always open.

Lets make Tumblr a better place eh?


- Ink <3

This is the tumblr group hug. Pass it on.


XD Oh Torv…


Tova Valkyr

Original Sketch by ingkeu-mihili 

(Coloring by tovakiin)

A few days ago, I commissioned amazingly talented friend ingkeu-mihili to draw my FFXIV character, Tova Valkyr. 

I gave her a pretty last-minute, complex request for Tova’s hair and she completely nailed it. I was so in love with the result, I wanted to try my hand at coloring.
I’m not an artist, by any means. This was the first time I’ve attempted anything like this, ever. That said - I know it’s not perfect, but I’m really happy with how how it turned out, and Ink gave me permission to upload to tumblr! :)

Thanks again, bb! You rock my world.



Okay, so I’m opening myself up for a handful of gil-bought (Balmung server only, sorry) character bust sketches! I’ll actually offer two options for those interested:

• B/W sketch - 30k gil (to be traded/mog-mailed at completion)

• Colored sketch - 50k gil (to be traded/mog-mailed at completion)

Ho-kay that filled up way faster than I ever expected! :OOO

My queue is now closed, but I promise that as soon as I clear this first batch out, I’ll be re-opening right away! Thanks everyone for the rapid support! :D


1. laninilanii
2. ingkeu-mihili
3. shofiemahowyn (a)
4. shofiemahowyn (b)
5. nahuexiv


Okay, so I’m opening myself up for a handful of gil-bought (Balmung server only, sorry) character bust sketches! I’ll actually offer two options for those interested:

• B/W sketch - 30k gil (to be traded/mog-mailed at completion)

• Colored sketch - 50k gil (to be traded/mog-mailed at completion)

Hokay!~ Time for me to head to bed!~  Nini Tumblr!

Anonymous asked: This is the 'hurting' anon for the other day. Might I be able to send you a message somewhere other than here to reveal my identity and see if you'll forgive me for the past? Thank you for your reply... whether or not you want to continue this... I got what I needed and I feel a lot better about my mistakes.

Of course! You can reach me any time at ingkeu.mihili@gmail.com.  My email is always open to private conversations and I check it multiple times daily. ^^  From there we can see about getting in touch in more convenient ways if you like.   Honestly, anyone who ever wishes to apologize to me or talk to me privately outside of tumblr for things like this, my email is always open to you.  No matter who you are or what you’ve done, if you’re coming to make peace, look for forgiveness, apologize, talk something over, etc, my inbox is always open to you.